St. Thomas Securiy

St. Thomas Security and Health

Security and health concerns in St. Thomas closely resemble those found on mainland North America. As in any hot climate, skin protection should not be taken lightly; long days outside and over-exposure to the sun without sunscreen may cause nasty burns or sunstroke and might require a visit to a St. Thomas hospital. At the beach, be aware of any special conditions before going in the water, and watch for jellyfish and sharp coral under your feet. Scuba divers should be careful to follow instructions given to them by instructors or guides, but a St. Thomas hospital specializing in scuba care is available in case of emergencies.

Driving in St. Thomas can be hazardous at times, especially in mountainous areas where blind turns are common. Following speed limits and driving with caution should eliminate any extra worry on St. Thomas' roads and avoid trips to a St. Thomas hospital.

The major St. Thomas hospital, Roy L. Schneider Hospital and Community Health Center, is located east of Charlotte Amalie on Sugar Estate. For minor health concerns, however, a visit to a pharmacy is much less hassle than one to a St. Thomas hospital. Havensight Pharmacy in Charlotte Amalie and Sunrise Pharmacy in Red Hook should be well-stocked with any medications you may need.

Be sure to check your own governmental information on St. Thomas for updates on security and health issues that may arise there.

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